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BIM Solutions

At PMCBS, we offer a wide range of BIM solutions to AEC firms worldwide. Our services are designed to streamline workflows, enhance project efficiency, and ultimately transform the way projects are executed. By leveraging BIM technology, our clients experience improved visualization, coordination, data management, efficiency, cost estimation, sustainability, and facility management throughout the project lifecycle. Let us help you take your projects to the next level.

What we do

Providing innovative BIM solutions to AEC firms global.

Who we do it for

Architects, engineers and construction professionals seeking to enhance
project efficiency.

What do they get

Access to digital platform that improves visualization, coordination, and data management throughout the
project life cycle.

3D modelling

3D Modeling

Our 3D Modeling with Building Information Modeling (BIM) service offers accurate digital representations of…

construction doumentation

Construction Documentation

Our expert team specializes in creating detailed architectural and engineering drawings tailored to your…

clash coordination

Clash Coordination

PMCBS is your go-to resource for mastering clash resolution techniques, streamlining collaboration among…

4d & 5d

4D & 5D Construction Simulation

Step into the future of construction planning with our 4D and 5D Construction Simulation service…

Quatity Takeoff

Quantity takeoff

Explore the power of Building Information Modeling for precise material estimation and streamlined construction…

Scan to BIM 01

Scan to BIM

Transform physical spaces into precise digital models with our Scan to BIM services. Using advanced laser…



Transform your building projects with our advanced BIM visualization solutions. From immersive 3D experiences…

bim content creation

BIM Content Creation

Transform your building projects with our BIM Content Creation service. We specialize in crafting accurate…

BIM Consulting

BIM Consulting

BIM Consultation, we specialize in providing comprehensive solutions and expert guidance in the realm of Building…